Mugwort Oil

Synonyme / Languages:
Beifußöl, Beifuß Öl, Beifußoel, Beifuß Oel, mugwort oil, artemisia oil, armoise oil, essence d’artemisia, artemisia olio, полынь нефти, mugwort olje, mugwort uljaBijvoet olie, Fekete üröm olaj, Bynke olie, Mugwort olej, olej bylicy, ulei de pelin, gråbo olja
Ingredients (INCI):

Essential mugwort oil is obtained by steam distillation of the herb of common mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris). Hot water vapor serves as the carrier for the highly volatile organic constituents of the plant parts. Due to the non-miscibility of the organic components of the essential oil and of the water, a spontaneous phase separation occurs during the cooling, so that the pure essential oil can be separated.


The mugwort oil is a highly mobile, yellow to greenish liquid. It has an aromatic-soft scent with slightly herbaceous notes. The mugwort oil easily dissolves in alcohol (ethanol), vegetable oils and other essential oils. It is almost insoluble in water. Essential mugwort oil contains over 100 different flavor components. Main components are 1,8-cineol, α- and β-thujone as well as pinenes.


The ingestion of essential mugwort oil should be avoided. This applies in particular to pregnant women and nurses, children and epileptics. Many ingredients are harmful to the human organism in the amounts present
(see instructions for use and warnings, side effects). As tea and spice, however, mugwort can be enjoyed. Excluding pollen allergy and pregnant women.


Mugwort is used since ancient times as a healing, sacrificial and magic plant, aphrodisiac and intoxicant. Primarily the appetite-stimulating and digestive characterisitcs are of interest today. In the case of gall bladders, the excitation of the bile flow can have a positive effect. Also classic is the use in epileptic seizures and menstruation complaints. The insect-repelling effect and the application against intestinal worms are also known. The mixture of essential mugwort oil and fatty oils (eg almond oil) acts as a skin care product against skin parasites.


In the aromatherapy, mugwort oil is used to focus on the essentials. The fragrance is intended to increase the ability to concentrate and make decisions easier.


Mugwort oil is used in the fine perfumery for the composition of natural throats and herb-balsamic chypre fragrances. It is also common as a component of insect repellent sprays.


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