Walnut Oil

Synonyme / Languages:
Walnussöl, walnut oil, L'huile de noix, El aceite de nueces, Olio di noci, Масло из грецких орехов, ulje oraha, walnootolie, Valnød olie, Καρυδιά πετρέλαιο, dióolaj, olej z orzechów włoskich
Ingredients (INCI):
JUGLANS REGIA SEED OIL, CAS: 8024-09-7, CAS: 84012-43-1, EINECS: 281-688-1

Walnut oil is the fat oil extracted from the kernels of Walnut Juglans regia L. by mechanical cold pressing and filtration. Therefor the nuts are peeled and crushed to get the oil from the nuts. Thereafter, the filtration is carried out to remove unwanted particles. This gentle preparation preserves the valuable ingredients.

Walnut oil is colorless to light yellow, has a mild nutty flavor and a particularly high content of unsaturated fatty acids. It consists of approximately 9% saturated fatty acids, 18% monounsaturated fatty acids, 73% polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is also cooled only for a limited time.


Walnut oil is used in the cold kitchen. It provides a special flavor for salads, fish and asparagus. But also in desserts like ice cream it is used.

The oil contains many substances that are to be used for health. Thus, linoleic acids stimulate fat metabolism. The contained omega-3 fatty acids should keep nerves and brain cells healthy and improve the blood flow in order to counter the heart attack. Walnut oil helps to reduce stress and thereby the blood pressure and ensures a low blood glucose level. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

In cosmetics walnut oil is not used very often, although it is suitable for skin and hair care due to the linoleic acid. It is absorbed quickly and irritated, dry and chapped skin is restored. As a hair cure it can strengthen the hair roots, prevent thin hair growth and provide the hair with moisture.

In painting, walnut oil is used in oil paints. The paint dries faster and does not yellow so quickly. In addition, the surfaces shine. For this reason, it can also be used in wood preservation, especially for products which come into contact with foods such as breakfast boards or worktops. However, the treatment must be repeated at regular intervals.

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