Borage Oil Organic

Organic Borage Oil, Organic Borage Seed Oil

cold pressed, virgin


Borage Oil Organic

Organic borage oil in other languages:

Bio Borretschöl, organic borage oil, orgaanista borageöljyä, organisk borageolie, huile de bourrache bio, οργανικό έλαιο φυτικής προέλευσης, olio di borragine biologico, organisk boragolje, aceite de borraja orgánico, органическое масло огуречника

Ingredients (INCI):

CAS: 225234-12-8

The borage:

Originally, the borage is from the Mediterranean area, where it is native from Spain to Turkey. Today it grows in the warmer areas of Western, Central and Eastern Europe and Western Asia and the USA. Borage is an annual plant that is 60 cm high and has a stalk about 1 cm thick with mutually attractively arranged, 12 cm long and 6 cm wide, oval to heart-shaped leaves. The leaves have smooth edges and are col-oured dark green above and pale green below. The flowers are coloured light blue to white, have a cup and are positioned on 0.5 to 2 cm long stems. Borage grows best on moist, fertile and calcareous, sandy to loamy soils in sunny locations or in partial shade.

How organic borage oil is produced:

Organic borage oil is extracted from the seeds of borage by cold pressing and subsequent filtration.

Relative composition of organic borage oil:

The most important indicator of borage seed oil is certainly the very high content of gamma-linolenic acid (C 18:3). With a share of 20% surpasses borage seed oil every other currently known vegetable oil. Interesting and unique is also the ratio of omega fatty acids among each other. The oil has about 1% omega-3 fatty acids, about 65% omega-6 fatty acids and about 34% omega-9 fatty acids. Equally noteworthy is the relatively high proportion of phytosterols (plant sterols), with 0% of cholesterol.


Borage Oil Organic

Organic borage oil and its applications:

Organic borage oil is usually administered as a dietary supplement in the form of capsules or in liquid form. Organic borage seed oil is also applied topically. Here, the oil unfolds its properties. It is used as a care product or as an additive in personal care products. Culinary uses of organic borage seed oil are certainly possible. Fresh cold pressed oil may very well be put into salads.

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