Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin Seed Oil, Pumpkin Oil

cold pressed


Pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil in other languages:

Kürbiskernöl, Aceite de semilla de calabaza, Масло семян тыквы, Óleo de semente de abóbora, Gresskarfrøolje, Olio di semi di zucca, Κολοκυθάκι, Huile de pépins de citrouille

Ingredients (INCI):

CAS: 8016-49-7
CAS: 89998-03-8
EINECS: 289-741-0

The pumpkin:

Originally, the pumpkin comes from North America. About 400 years ago, it was brought to Europe by Spanish conquistadors. The pumpkin is a berry, 15 to 40 cm tall, round or oval, orange to green, with fibrous flesh. The kernels are flat, oval, light yellow to yellow. The seed is yellow to green, tasty and rich in vitamins and fiber.

How pumpkin seed oil is produced:
Pumpkin seed oil is extracted from the unroasted, native and untreated seeds of the pumpkin by cold pressing.
Relative composition of pumpkin seed oil:
 Pumpkin seed oil
Pumpkin seed oil and its applications:

Pharmacy and cosmetics:
Pumpkin seed oil contains many vitamins, trace elements and minerals. These are magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, selenium, zinc, manganese, vitamins A, B (1; 2; 6), C, D and E. Pharmacy and naturopathy offer industrially manufactured food supplements. In cosmetics, it is often used as carrier oil or ingredient.


Pumpkin seed oil is an excellent cooking oil that is particularly suitable for the cold kitchen. It can be used very well for serving salads and sauces. Surprisingly, pumpkin seed oil also tastes very good in desserts, such as sorbets. The oil should not be heated too much, as it can develop bitter substances. The oil is best used as a marinade or as a salad dressing. But also in sauces the oil can develop a very fine taste. The organic pumpkin seed oil has a lightly nutty flavor and you can also make sweets and cakes with the oil.

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