Macadamia Oil (Macadamia Nut Oil)

Macadamia Nut Oil, Macadamia Oil

cold pressed, virgin

Macadamia oil in other languages:
Macadamianussöl, Macadamiaöl, macadamia nut oil, l'huile de noix de macadamiaEl aceite de macadamiaolio di noce di macadamiaМасло ореха макадамия
Ingredients (INCI):
CAS: 129811-19-4
The macadamia tree:

The original home of Macadamia is located in the east of Australia, in the rainforests of Queensland. In 1880 the first seeds and nuts were brought to Hawaii. Macadamia trees are increasingly cultivated in the south-ern hemisphere, since they need a moist, subtropical climate to grow and are frost-sensitive. The main cultiva-tion area are besides Australia and Hawaii still South Africa, New Zealand, Kenya, Costa Rica and Guatemala. The macadamia nut is a stone fruit. It has a diameter of 2-3 cm and a hard brown shell covered by a thicker green protective layer. The fruits hang in long, grape-like panicles on the trees. The fruit cover is very woody. Of all nuts, macadamias have the hardest shell and must be cracked mechanically.

How macadamia oil is produced:

Macadamia oil is extracted from the mature seed of Macadamia ternifolia by cold pressing. The light yellow oil has a nutty flavour.

Relative composition of macadamia oil:

Macadamia oil has a special composition. It contains almost 20% palmitoleic acid. The monounsaturated fatty acid is only found in animal fats in significant quantities.


Macadamia nut oil

Macadamia oil and its application:

In pharmaceutical industry and medicine:
According to the literature, macadamia oil is to gain importance as a dietary food in the future.


In cosmetics:
Due to the high palmitoleic acid content, macadamia oil is used for the manufacture of moisturizing creams, anti-wrinkle creams, sunscreens, body oils, ointments, shampoos and hair treatments.


Culinary uses:
Macadamia oil is said to be very suitable for stewing, frying and refining salads.

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