Perilla Oil Organic

Organic Perilla Oil, Organic Perilla Seed Oil

cold pressed, virgin


Perilla oil organic

Organic perilla oil in other languages:

Bio Perillaöl, organic perilla oil, huile de perilla organique, olio organico perilla, aceite de perilla orgánico, органическое масло периллы

Ingredients (INCI):

CAS: 90082-61-4
EINECS: 290-151-0

The perilla:

The plant is native to the mountainous areas of China and India and is now also native to the USA, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Burma, Iran, Russia, Cyprus, South Africa and Austria. Perilla is an annual shrub which is 0.5 to 1 m high, and has long-stalked, ovate, at the edge curled leaves and small, whitish, 3-10 mm long flowers. The fruits are ovoid or circular in shape and have a diameter of about 1.5 mm. In it are the perilla seeds.

How organic perilla oil is produced:

The extraction of our organic perilla oil is done by cold pressing. For the maintenance of the essential fatty acids a particularly gentle method is important.


Organic perilla oil is a yellow liquid with a characteristic flavor (similar to linseed oil).

Relative composition of organic perilla oil:

Perilla oil organic

Organic perilla oil and its applications:

In the kitchen:
Perilla oil has been consumed by the indigenous population of Northeast India for years without side effects. The safety of perilla oil has also been demonstrated by a study. Perilla oil can therefore be used in combination with other vegetable oils for nutrition.


In the industry:
Perilla oil is already used in the paint industry and for impregnating of paper. Because of its relatively high iodine value it dries faster than linseed oil. Perilla oil is excellent for producing fast-drying paints and varnishes and can be used as a substitute for linseed oil and tung oil.


For more information on organic perilla oil (organic perilla seed oil) please see our specification.