Canola Oil Organic

Organic Canola Oil, Organic Canola Seed Oil

cold pressed, virgin


Canola oil organic

Organic canola oil in other languages:

Bio Rapsöl, Huile de pépins de canola organique, Orgaaninen kanaöljysuola, Οργανικό έλαιο σπόρων κράμβης, Olio di semi di canola organica, Óleo de semente de canola orgânico, Органическое масло семян канолы, Aceite de semilla de colza orgánico

Ingredients (INCI):

CAS: 120962-03-0 

The canola plant:

Brassica napus is a 60-140 cm tall, upright plant. The leaves are void, blue-green, and bare. The flowers are golden yellow and standing in grapes. The fruit is a 5-10 cm long pod. Canola is naturally a plant that grows in moderate widths. The native home of Brassica napus is probably located in the Baltic Sea and Russia. One differentiates between summer and winter canola.

How organic canola oil is produced:

The organic canola oil (organic canola seed oil) is extracted from the ripe seeds of the canola plant by cold pressing. The canola seeds obtained after harvesting are small black-brown grains. They have an oil content of around 40%. After thorough cleaning, they are broken up in the rolling mill. By pressing the seed twice and by intensive filtration at low temperatures and without chemical substances, most of the organic canola oil (organic canola seed oil) can be recovered. Organic canola oil is a yellow liquid with a characteristic fruity herbaceous smell and taste.

Relative composition of organic canola oil:

Canola oil organic


Organic canola oil and its applications:

Pharmaceutical industry, medicine and cosmetics:
Organic canola oil (organic canola seed oil) is used for the production of ointments, liniments and as a filling material for soft gelatine capsules.


Technology and industry:

Most of the organic canola oil (organic canola seed oil) produced is used for technical purposes. As a lubricant, organic canola seed oil should be particularly suitable if the requirements for the lubricant are not too high. For example, in the case of loss of lubrication of chain or band saws where the oil remains in the chips. The main advantage of organic canola oil (organic canola seed oil) is that it is 100% biodegradable and therefore does not endanger basic and drinking water. As rust protection it is used to store semi-finished or finished parts protected against rust until they are further processed.


Organic canola oil (organic canola seed oil) is used for the production of caterpillar glue, cotton, plasters and leather greases. In organic farming organic canola oil (organic canola seed oil) is used as a plant protection product and insecticide. Through the oil film stifle harmful insects, thereby sparing the bees and other flower pollinators and is completely degraded in the soil.


The use of organic canola oil (organic canola seed oil) and rapeseed oil methyl ester (RME), which is also used as biodiesel, has important advantages over conventional fossil fuels. Thus, both are biodegradable. Organic canola oil (organic canola seed oil) is 100% carbon dioxide neutral. This means that only as much carbon dioxide is generated during combustion as the plant has absorbed to form the oil. In addition, it produces less soot than diesel fuel. Also advantageous is the storage and transport safety due to the high flame point of more than 300 ° C. and the very low sulfur content.



Organic canola oil (organic canola seed oil) can be used for roasting, frying and as a salad oil. In combination with egg and dairy products it is not bitter and is therefore used for the production of mayonnaise and marinades.


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