Soybean Oil organic refined

Organic Soybean Oil refined applications: food, dietary supplements, cosmetics, technical and pharmaceutical applications

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Soybean Oil organic refined

Organic soybean oil refined in other languages:

Bio Sojaöl raffiniert, organic soybean oil refined, huile de soja biologique raffinée, olio di soia organico raffinato, aceite de soja orgánico refinado, органическое соевое масло рафинированное

Ingredients (INCI):


The soybean:

The origin of the soybean is assumed in South East Asia, since it was already domesticated in China during the Shang dynasty about 1700-1100 before Christ. Until the end of the 18th century the spread of the soybean plant was limited to China, Manchuria, Korea and Japan. In 1790 it was brought to England but did not thrive in the local climate. At the beginning of the 19th century it came to the USA but it took another 50 years for the soya cultivation there to increase significantly, due to a trade agreement with Japan. Today soy is cultivated almost industrially in the USA.


Glycine soja is considered as a wild form of Glycine max., which is an annual herb. The stem is upright, more or less strongly branched, mostly 40-90 cm high and hairy. The leaves are threefold, large, all-round and likewise densely hairy. The flowers are inconspicuous, violet to whitish and very short stalked.
How organic soybean oil refined is produced:

Organic soybean oil refined is obtained by pressing the soybeans. Then the oil is refined.


The refining process consists of the steps degumming, neutralization (only if the acid number is >4), bleaching (if the color values require it), deodorization (about 1.5h at 210°C.). The final stage of the refin-ing process is thus the deodorizing, which is why the declaration of the refined oil as "deodorized" would also be permissible and true. That is why we can provide our oil with the attribute R = refined.


The pressed oil has a yellow to dark yellow color and a neutral taste.

Relative composition of organic soybean oil refined:

Soybean Oil organic refined

Organic soybean oil and its applications:

In pharmacy and medicine:
Natural organic soya oil has a high lecitin content which is about 4%. This is used as a pharmaceutical adjuvant for preparing parenteral nutrient solutions with lipids. Lecitin can also be found in various commercial preparations as dietetics and roborants.


In cosmetics:
In the cosmetics sector, organic soybean oil is mainly used as an active ingredient for lipid-soluble plant ingredients and vitamins. However, it is also used as a basis for creams or bath oils, especially in care cosmetics.


In technology:
In the paint industry organic soybean oil is used for the production of paints, varnishes and printing inks. As an example, the oil crisis of 1970 is to be mentioned here. They were forced to look for an alter-native to printing inks in the American newspaper industry. Organic soya oil turned out to be an equiv-alent carrier for the rotational colors. . Similar to rapeseed oil, it is used for biodiesel, but mostly as a mixture of 20% soya biodiesel and 80% diesel, since pure biodiesel would be too expensive.


In the kitchen:
Organic soybean oil is first and foremost in the world's production of vegetable oils. It is not only a valu-able salad oil, but can also be used for stewing, roasting and frying. In the food industry organic soybean oil is mainly used for the production of margarine and mayonnaise because of the contained lecithin.


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