Coconut Oil Organic refined

Organic Coconut Oil refined, Organic Copra Oil refined, Organic Coconut Fat refined



Coconut Oil Organic refined

Organic coconut oil refined in other languages:

Bio Kokosöl raffiniert, organic coconut oil refined, Huile de noix de coco organique raffinée, Οργανικό έλαιο καρύδας εξευγενισμένο, Olio di cocco biologico raffinato, Organisk kokosnøttolje, Óleo de coco orgânico refinado, Органическое кокосовое масло рафинированное, Aceite de coco orgánico refinado

Ingredients (INCI):

CAS: 8001-31-8
EINECS: 232-282-8

The coconut tree:

The original home of the coconut tree is the area of the Malay archipelago, where their culture can look back on a past of 3000 to 4000 years. Today, it is spread and cultivated in all tropical areas. It is particularly frequently found on coasts, since the palm tree prefers salty sea air. Under normal circumstances, the coconut trees reaches a height of 30-35 m and develops a slender, columnar, unbranched trunk, which usually grows a little curved from the ground. On a full-bearing palm tree, 60 to 160 nuts can ripen.

How organic coconut oil refined is produced:

Organic coconut oil refined is also referred to as organic coconut fat since it is solid at room temperature. The reason for this is the high content of saturated fatty acids. However, it is rapidly liquid because of its low melting point of 23 °C. It is obtained by pressing the crushed and dried nutrient tissue of the coconut, the copra. The fresh copra is dried and pressed. Our organic coconut oil is cold-pressed, filtered and then refined.


The refining process consists of the steps degumming, neutralization (only if the acid number is >4), bleaching (if the color values require it), deodorization (about 1.5h at 210°C.). The final stage of the refining process is thus the deodorizing, which is why the declaration of the organic coconut oil as "deodorized" would also be permissible and true. That is why we can provide our organic coconut oil with the attribute R = refined.

Relative composition of organic coconut oil refined:

Coconut Oil Organic refined

Organic coconut oil refined and its applications:

In pharmaceutics, medicine and cosmetics:
Organic coconut oil refined is often used as a basis for ointments and creams and as a substitute for cocoa butter.  Organic coconut oil refined can be found in the following products: hair pomades, hair care products, sun protection creams, after-sun products, bath oils, creams, massage oils.


In technology:
The fatty acids produced during refining are used for the production of synthetic resins, insecticides and medicinal products. In addition, synthetic rose oil and lemon oil can be produced from certain ingredients. Furthermore, organic coconut oil refined is used for the production of soaps and candles.

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