Castor Oil refined, DAB, Ph. EUR

Castor Oil refined, Castor Seed Oil refined, Ricinus Oil refined

refined, DAB, Ph. EUR


Castor Oil refined, DAB, Ph. EUR

Castor oil refined in other languages:

Rizinusöl raffiniert, Castor oil refined, Huile de ricin raffinée, Aceite de ricino refinado, Olio di ricino raffinato, Касторовое масло рафинированное

Ingredients (INCI):

CAS: 8001-79-4
EINECS: 232-293-8

The castor tree: 

The castor tree (Ricinus) is originally native in the tropics, in India or Africa. Today castor trees are growing as ornamental and agricultural trees in many countries. The castor tree reaches a climate-dependent height of 1 to 2 m in the temperate zones and up to 13 m in the tropics. The strain is blue frosted-branched with a greenish to reddish colour. The leaves are up to 1 m in width, resemble a spread hand, and always have the same colour as the trunk. They have a long stalk, are 5 to 11-times toothed at the leaf edge and are growing in alternate positions. The male flowers grow in clusters. They are below the terminally stalked female flowers and are often overlapped by the side shoots. The fruits are bright red, up to 2.5 cm in diameter and have spines. The fruits contain three seeds, which are bean shaped in form and size.

How castor oil refined is produced:

Organic castor seed oil is typically produced by cold pressing from the peeled seeds. Then the oil is refined. The refining process consists of the steps degumming, neutralization (only if the acid number is >4), bleaching (if the color values require it), deodorization (about 1.5h at 210°C.). The final stage of the refining process is thus the deodorizing, which is why the declaration of the refined oil as "deodorized" would also be permissible and true. That is why we can provide our oil with the attribute R = refined.

Relative composition of castor oil refined:

Castor Oil refined, DAB, Ph. EUR

Castor oil refined and its applications:

In pharmaceutical industry:
In pharmacy organic castor seed oil is used as an excipient for pharmaceutical preparations like injection solutions for lipophilic drugs, which cannot be given orally. Sterilized castor seed oil is used as basis for oily eye drops as well. Due to its higher polarity compared to other oils, organic castor oil is suitable as a solvent for numerous drugs.


In cosmetics:
The high viscosity of organic castor seed oil in combination with the good solubility in ethanol makes it to an appropriate and desirable additive for numerous cosmetics. Consequently, it is found in the following preparations: creams, lotions, hair care, mascara, lipsticks and other products of care-, cleaning- and decorative-cosmetics.


Technical uses:
Because of its consistency and viscosity, which is largely independent of the temperature, organic castor oil is used as lubricating oil for engines. It is also a suitable basis for brake fluid or other hydraulic fluids. Likewise, it is used in the plastics, paint, wood, textile and leather processing industries.


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