Rosehip Oil organic (Rosehip Seed Oil organic) Chilean

Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Rosa Moschata Seed Oil

cold pressed, Chilean

Rosehip Oil organic (Rosehip Seed Oil organic) Chilean 

Organic rosehip oil in other languages:

Bio Hagebuttenöl, Bio Hagebuttenkernöl, Bio Wildrosenöl, Huile végétale, olio d'oliva biologico, Aceite de mostaza orgánica, Oрганическое масло шиповника

Ingredients (INCI):


The rosehip:

The rosehip shrub is a tall shrub with overhanging branches and crescent-shaped spines. The leaves are pinnate, the flowers are on smooth short stalks and are pink. The red, round to oval and inside hairy rose hips are actually only the fleshy fruit container. The actual rosehip fruits are the edgy, bright and rocky nuts, which are located in the rose hips.

How organic rosehip oil is produced:

It is obtained by cold or hot pressing of the rosehip seeds.  That is why it is also called organic rosehip seed oil. Subsequently the oil is filtered and refined. Organic rosehip oil (organic rosehip seed oil) is a yellow to a red oil, with sweet and sour, nutty-fruity odor and characteristic flavor.


We produce organic rosehip seed oil ourselves and use the process of cold pressing. That means it is not heated during the process. Because of the hard rosehip seeds, a considerable rise in temperature on the press head occurs. The organic rosehip seed oil, however, is not affected by this, since this already exits through the so-called strainer. That is why we can provide our rosehip seed oil with the attribute CP = cold pressed.

Relative composition of organic rosehip seed oil:

Owing to its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, the organic rosehip seed oil quickly becomes rancid. It is therefore usually stabilized by adding antioxidants such as rosemary extract or vitamin E (E306). We do not, however, dispense with the addition of antioxidants or other preservatives and ensure the freshness of our organic rosehip oil (organic rosehip seed oil) with the pressing close to the order as well as filling and storage with nitrogen.


Our Chilean organic rosehip oil (organic rosehip oil) comes from the seeds of the Rosa Moschata, which must not be mixed up with the seeds of Rosa Canina or Rosa Rubiginosa, because they have a slightly different chemical composition.


Rosehip Oil organic (Rosehip Seed Oil organic) Chilean


Organic rosehip oil and its applications

Use in pharmacy and medicine:

Due to the high content of unsaturated fatty acids, oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid, iron, carotene and antioxidants contained organic rosehip oil (organic rosehip seed oil) is often used for medical purposes.


Use in cosmetics:

In cosmetics organic rosehip oil (organic rosehip seed oil) is often used as an ingredient in ointments and creams due to the contained transretinoic acid.


Use in the kitchen:

Culinary uses of the organic rosehip oil are not known. However, the quality of our organic rosehip oil (organic rosehip seed oil) and the results of our analyzes suggest that our organic rosehip oil (organic rosehip seed oil) is suitable for  human consumption. For marketing as food, organic rosehip seed oil, as we understand the legal requirements, must pass through a Novel Foods notification or approval process, which is why we do not want to market it as food at this time.

For further information on organic rosehip oil (organic rosehip seed oil / organic wild rose oil / organic rosa moschata seed oil) please refer to our specification.

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