Jojoba Oil organic

Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil

cold pressed, virgin

Jojoba Oil organic
Organic jojoba oil in different languages:

Jojobaöl Bio , Jojobasamenöl Bio, Jojobakernöl Bio, Huile de graines de jojoba biologique organique, aceite de semillas de jojoba biológico, Olio di semi di jojoba biologico, Масло из семян жожоба биологический органически, jojoba mag olaj biológiai, jojoba olie biologisk økologisk, Jojoba ulje sjemenki biološki organski

Ingredients (INCI):

CAS: 90045-98-0
EINECS: 289-694-3

The Jojoba shrub:

The Jojoba shrub is evergreen and does not tolerate temperatures below 12-14°C. It is 2-2.5 m high, in exceptional cases even up to 6 m. The root can reach up to 3 m deep into the earth. The leaves are dark green, sometimes yellow. They are hairy, oval, alternating and are between 14 - 40 mm long and 6 - 20 mm wide. The female flowers are slightly green and stand single, the male ones are yellow and occur in small groups. The jojoba fruit is a green, elongated oval capsule, which can contain up to three seeds. The jojoba seed is nutty, 12-20 mm long and 6-12 mm wide and contains a liquid wax that can make up to 60% of the seed weight.

How organic jojoba oil is produced:

To obtain the organic jojoba wax (organic jojoba oil) the mature seeds are grounded and then cold pressed. Organic jojoba seed oil (organic jojoba oil) is a clear to light yellow oil with a slight odor of fatty oil and typical taste.

Relative composition of organic jojoba oil:

Jojoba Oil organic

Organic Jojoba Oil and its applications:

In the pharmaceutical industry:
According to the literature Organic jojoba seed oil (organic jojoba oil) is used as an encapsulation of medicinal preparations, in appetite suppressants and in reduction diets, since organic jojoba oil can not be digested.


Organic jojoba seed oil (organic jojoba oil) is very stable to oxidation and should therefore also be suitable as a carrier for oxidation-sensitive substances.


In cosmetics industry as skin and hair care:

In cosmetics, Organic jojoba oil is used as a component in cosmetic preparations for skin and hair cleansing and skin and hair care as well as in decorative cosmetics. 


Technical application:

In the technical industry organic jojoba oil is the starting material of many lubricants, since it retains its lubricity by the addition of sulfur even at high pressure and high temperatures. Organic jojoba oil is a component of polish waxes and protective coverings.


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