Avocado Oil organic refined

cold pressed, refined

 Avocado Oil organic refined
Organic avocado oil  refined in other languages:

Bio Avocadoöl raffiniert, Huile d'avocat organique raffinée, Olio di avocado biologico raffinato, Aceite de aguacate orgánico refinado, Органическое масло авокадо рафинированное, Organisk avokadoolja raffinerad, Óleo de abacate orgânico refinado, Organiczny olej awokado rafinowany, Organisk avokadoolje raffinert, Orgaaninen avokadoöljy puhdistettu, Organisk avocadoolie raffineret

Ingredients (INCI):

CAS: 8024-32-6

The avocado tree:

The avocado tree is a 4 to 20 m high tree with a trunk about 60 cm thick. The bark is relatively thin, smooth and ash gray. The tree has green leaves all year long and yellow flowers with a size of 5 to 8 mm. The fruit is fist-sized, oval to pear-shaped and is up to 18 cm long. The fruit is a berry with a dark green to a brownish-green peel and a buttery pulp. The seed is roundish, conical and accounts for 8 to 12% of the weight of the fruit. Mainly avocado is cultivated in the tropical and subtropical climate, especially in America and Asia. The avocado fruits sold in Europe are mainly from Israel, South Africa or Spain.

How organic avocado oil refined is produced:

Organic avocado oil refined is obtained by cold pressing the whole fruit (including the core and skin) and subsequent filtration.


The refining process consists of the steps degumming, neutralization (only if the acid number is >4), bleaching (if the color values require it), deodorization (about 1.5h at 210°C.). The final stage of the refining process is thus the deodorizing, which is why the declaration of the avocado oil refined as "deodorized" would also be permissible and true. That is why we can provide our organic avocado oil with the attribute R = refined.


We do not produce our own organic avocado oil refined. For us, it is a pure commercial product that we buy, analyze, store under nitrogen and fill it in smaller containers that meet your customer requirements. On the one hand, we ensure un-compromising quality and therefore your safety and on the other hand, continuous readiness for delivery.

Relative composition of organic avocado oil refined:

Avocado Oil organic refined

Organic avocado oil refined and its applications:

In cosmetics, pharmacy and medicine:
According to the relevant literature organic avocado oil refined is a very good ointment base, especially for cosmetic creams, oily solutions and emulsions.


In the kitchen:
Organic avocado oil refined is said to be used as a flavoring edible oil. It should also be suitable as salad oil as well as for stewing and frying.


We have investigated many batches of organic avocado oil refined and have unfortunately found out that organic avocado oil refined often does not meet the "guiding principles for food oils" in Germany. We therefore offer it for your safety and the safety of the consumer with the clear indication NON FOOD.


For more information on organic avocado oil refined please see our specification.

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