Argan Oil Organic refined

Organic Argan Oil refined, Organic Argan Seed Oil refined, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil


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Bio Arganöl raffiniert, Organic argan seed oil refined, Aceite de argán orgánico refinado, Organisk arganolja raffinerad, Органическое аргановое масло, Organisk argan oljeraffinert, Óleo de argan orgânico refinado, Olio organico di argan raffinato, Οργανικό αργίλιο εξευγενισμένο, Huile d'argan organique raffinée

Ingredients (INCI):

EINECS: 223747-87-3

The argan tree:

The argan tree (ardjan tree, iron wood tree) belongs to the Sapotaceae family and is a slow-growing thorny shrub or tree (depending on age) and is local to south-west Morocco between Agadir and Essaouira. The argan tree is 7–10 meters in height, a circumferential of up to 15 meters and can reach an age of 125–150 years. The trunk is often gnarled and crooked. From the age of 5 years, the tree begins to bear fruits, which are round to oval and have a green, fleshy look like an olive. Ripe fruits are bright yellow. Each fruit contains 1 to 3 oval, smooth, brown seeds, up to 2 cm long. The oil-rich seeds are sitting in the core.

How organic argan oil refined is produced:

For oil extraction, fallen fruits are typically used, picked from June to September. Another form of harvesting is particularly difficult because the brittle wood of the tree can`t be shaken. Additionally, harvesting by hand is complicated by many thorns. The seeds contain about 30%–55% fatty oil. Prior to oil production, the cores must be removed from the fruits and then split with stones and dried.


For hand-pressed argan oil, the seeds are grounded into a brown paste. This is kneaded and water is added. The resulting water-oil emulsion is kneaded and the oil is separating from the water and decanted. It takes up to 10 hours of hard work to produce at least one litre of oil with this method. In addition, this method gives a relatively low yield. Due to a high amount of remaining water the shelf life is rather limited and the oil is almost not hygienically acceptable.


When argan oil is machine-pressed, the seeds are grounded with an oil mill under great pressure. Addition of water is not necessary. This results in higher oil yields and extraction can be done faster (2 litres per hour) and the oil is more stable. Moreover, important hygienic requirements can be maintained (e.g. HACCP). The mechanically-pressed argan oil contains less acid and is known to be more easily digestible. After that the oil is refined.


The refining process consists of the steps degumming, neutralization (only if the acid number is >4), bleaching (if the color values require it), deodorization (about 1.5h at 210°C.). The final stage of the refining process is thus the deodorizing, which is why the declaration of the argan seed oil as "deodorized" would also be permissible and true. That is why we can provide our argan seed oil with the attribute R = refined.


Our organic argan seed oil refined is machine-made.

Relative composition of organic argan oil refined:

 Argan Oil Organic refined

Organic argan oil refined and its applications:

Organic argan oil is used as a basic ingredient for cosmetics and medical skin care in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. The oil is a good foundation for ointments, creams and lotions. Likewise, it is increasingly used in cleaning products such as, soaps, liquid soaps, shampoos and hair rinses. It is also used as a food supplement.


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