Nigella Sativa Oil EG (Egypt) Organic

Organic Nigella Sativa Oil, Organic Nigella Sativa Seed Oil, Organic Black Cumin Oil, Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil

cold pressed, virgin


Nigella Sativa Oil EG (Egypt) Organic

Organic nigella sativa oil in other languages:

Bio Schwarzkümmelöl, Bio Schwarzkümmelsamenöl, Bio Schwarzkümmelkernöl, Organic nigella sativa oil, Organic black cumin seed oil, Huile de graines de cumin noir organique, Huile de nigelle organique, Olio di semi di cumino nero organico, Olio di Nigella Organic, Aceite de semilla de comino negro orgánico, Aceite de Nigella orgánica, Органическое масло из черного тмина, Органическое масло

Ingredients (INCI):

CAS: 90064-32-7
EINECS: 290-094-1

The nigella sativa:

The nigella sativa is typically from southern Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa and Asia Minor, where the seeds were early used as a spice and in medicine. In Central Europe it is grown in fields, meadows or margins and grows wild. Today, nigella sativa is grown especially in Egypt, India, Russia and Turkey. The nigella sativa is an annual plant with branching stems. It grows up to 30 cm, is slightly hairy and has white, terminally sedentary flowers that have at the tips of the petals a greenish or bluish colour and bloom from June to September. At maturity, the black seed fruits are bubble-like capsules with dark seeds. The seeds are tiny, black and triangular, which taste bitter at first, then hot and spicy, peppery and develop a nutmeg-like odour.

How organic nigella sativa oil is produced:

The extraction of the organic oil is done by cold pressing. For the preservation of the essential fatty acids a particularly gentle process is important. The organic oil is yellow to green and has a typical herbaceous odor.

Relative composition of organic nigella sativa oil:

Nigella Sativa Oil EG (Egypt) Organic

Organic nigella sativa oil and its applications:

Organic nigella sativa oil is used as a dietary supplement.


The very spicy, high quality organic nigella sativa seed oil is also used for cooking and salads.


In veterinary medicine organic nigella sativa oil is given internally and externally. Especially in horse husbandry, it is often applied as well as for dairy cows and poultry.


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