Hemp Oil Organic EU

Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Hemp Seed Oil

cold pressed, virgin, EU


Hemp Oil Organic EU

Organic hemp oil in other languages:

Bio Hanföl, organic hemp oil, huile de chanvre biologique, olio di canapa biologico, aceite de cáñamo orgánico, органическое масло из конопли

Ingredients (INCI):

CAS: 89958-21-4
EINECS: 289-644-3

The hemp:

The region of origin of this robust and resistant plant is located in Central Asia. Today it is grown everywhere in the world.


Hemp is an annual crop which grows up to 7 m. Hemp is a dioeciously plant with long, lancet-like leaves. The fe-male blossoms are located on the stalk; the male hemp blossoms are located on the leave tip. The cores consist of a brittle shell and green seeds.

How organic hemp oil is produced:

Organic hemp oil (hemp seed oil) is obtained by gentle cold pressing of the seeds.


Some of the main ingredients of the organic hemp oil are polyunsaturated fatty acids like alpha-linolenic acid and the rare gamma-linolenic acid. The gamma-linolenic acid is an omega 6 fatty acid. Omega-6 fatty acids are rarely to find in oils and fats. They can be found in breast milk, in evening primrose oil, borage oil and cassia seed oil.

Organic hemp oil and its applications:

In pharmacy and medicine:
The positive effects of organic hemp oil (hemp seed oil) for health are due to its high content of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.


In cosmetics:
Organic hemp oil is characterized by excellent skin care properties. It belongs to the group of drying oils, making it an ideal ingredient for massage oils, ointments, creams, soaps and shampoos.


In technical industry:
Organic hemp oil is used in industry for the manufacture of detergents. Furthermore, it is used because of its high lubricity for the production of paints, varnishes and printing ink.


In the kitchen:
Organic hemp seed oil is bound to the gourmet cooking oils. Its nutty flavour makes it a perfect seasoning for the cold kitchen. Organic hemp seed oil has a relatively low smoke point (165°C) and is therefore suitable in the warm kitchen for gently and steam cooking only.

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