Camelina Oil

Camelina Oil, Camelina Seed Oil

cold pressed, virgin

Camelina oil in other languages:

Leindotteröl, Camelina oil, Camelina öljy, Camelina olíu, Camelina nafte, Camelina eļļa, Camelina naftos, Camelina olja, Camelina olaj, Camelina olej, Camelina olje

Ingredients (INCI):

CAS: None

The camelina:

Camelina is an ancient crop, whose origins date to the Neolithic period. The heyday of camelina was in the Iron Age between 400 BC and 500 BC. In our part of the world, the plant is now almost forgotten. Camelina is characterized by an extremely short grow-ing season of about 120 days and a great simplicity in terms of climate and soil conditions. Thus it is possible to grow camelina with high yield stability on sandy or even calcareous soils, where other plants cannot thrive on good. In addition, at the cultivation of camelina chemical plant protection can be dispensed, since the plant is obvi-ously resistant to pests and plant diseases.

How camelina oil is produced:

Our camelina oil is extracted from pure, fresh, untreated camelina seeds, which contain about 32% fatty oil. The extraction is done by cold pressing. A pressing temperature of 40 degrees Celsius is not exceeded.

Relative composition of camelina oil :

Camelina oil is in terms of its fatty acid composition the equivalent of a "general store" compared with other commonly used edible oils. While in edible oils such as canola, olive or linseed oil, a fatty acid with about 60% or more is dominating, the highest amount in camelina oil contains a fatty acid with about 40% and three other fatty acids with about 15%.


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Camelina oil and its applications:

Camelina oil is a true all-rounder. It is not only an excellent, delicious and healthy cooking oil, but also forms the basis in many cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations. Likewise, the industrial applications are almost unlimited.


Our Camelina oil has a yellow-green color, a pea-like, of meadow and lemon smelling odor and a pea-like, grassy, slightly lemony-sharp taste. The oil is an interesting enrichment for salads, raw food, potato dishes, sauces, bread spreads and pestos thanks to the incomparable natural taste.


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