Linseed Oil Organic

Organic Linseed Oil, Organic Flaxseed Oil, Organic Flax Oil

cold pressed, virgin


Linseed Oil Organic

Organic linseed oil in other languages:

Bio Leinöl, Organic linseed oil, Huile de lin organique, Olio di semi di lino organico, Aceite de linaza orgánico, Органическое льняное масло

Ingredients (INCI):

CAS: 8001-26-1
EINECS: 232-278-6

The flax:

The flax is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world and is today spread all over the world. Flax is a 60 to 120 cm high annual plant, with bare, upright, densely leafed stems. The flowers are white to blue depending on the variety. The fruit is a round capsule containing the seed. The seed is 4 to 6 mm large and from yellow to deep brown color.

How organic linseed oil is produced:

Organic linseed oil is obtained by cold pressing of the seeds. It is then decanted and filtered. The oil has a yellow to green color and a typical taste.

Relative composition of organic linseed oil:

Linseed Oil Organic

Organic linseed oil and its applications:

Due to its high proportion of linolenic acid, organic linseed oil is widely used in pharmacy and medicine.


Organic linseed oil is particularly suitable as an animal feed additive and is used, for example, in horses.


Organic linseed oil is also used in the kitchen as gourmet cooking oil, as some consumers like the typical flavor of it. It can be used in the cold kitchen as well as for cooking and frying.


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