Sesame Seed Press Cake Organic

Organic Sesame Seed Press Cake, Organic Sesame Seed Oil Cake

organic sesame seeds deoiled

Organic sesame seed press cake in other languages:

Bio Sesamsamen Presskuchen, Organic sesame seed press cake , Crème de graines bio de graines de sésame, Torta di sementi organici di sesamo, Torta orgánica para semillas de sésamo, Органический кунжутный торт

Ingredients (INCI):

CAS: 8008-74-0
EINECS: 232-370-6

How organic sesame seed press cake is produced:

Organic sesame seed press cake is produced as a protein-rich by-product in the production of organic sesame seed oil from organic  sesame seeds. Depending on the type and manner in which the oil was extracted, sesame oil meal (or sesame oil cake) can be food grade (from hulled sesame seeds) or used as fodder for livestock, especially ruminants and poultry. In contrast to other oil flour, sesame oil flour is usually obtained only by mechanical extraction and the residual oil content is high.


The residual oil content is less than 35%. It also contains a high proportion of vegetable protein, minerals and fiber.

Organic sesame seed press cake and its applications:

Although sesame oil cake is nutritious and edible, it is generally used as animal feed. It is a valuable protein source for animals. As animal feed it is better than or equal to peanut and soybean cake.


It is a valuable food supplement. Valuable ingredients are polyunsaturated fatty acids. The press cake can be used as a pastry supplement or as an addition to salads among other things. Press cake is ideal for refining muesli.


In addition, the sesame oilcake is interesting for fishermen, for feeding the fish or for the bait.

The press cake can also be applied as a fertilizer after comminution.


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