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The company SanaBio GmbH is the successor to the company Arganel UG. (Limited liability) and is a partner and supplier to the industry, because we are specialists in herbal raw materials and additives such as edible oils, cosmetics, essential oils, flavor extracts, active extracts, herbs and spices, with a focus on the controlled biological cultivation ( DE-ECO-003). Detailed information about our raw and auxiliary materials you can find on our websites.

The company SanaBio GmbH is also a partner and supplier to the trade and the medical industry, we are also specialists for finished products, from organic farming. Detailed information about our finished products found on our website.

For businesses / entrepreneurs, we also offer a range of services, such as sourcing rare and difficult raw and auxiliary materials, completion of import formalities, preparation of preliminary, intermediate and finished products, private labeling, packaging, Safety assessment of cosmetic products. Detailed information about our services Services found on our website.

As a competent partner from already established, but also of young companies, we solve complex problems in the field of plant raw materials, the production of preliminary, intermediate or finished products, the packaging (filling, capping, labeling) and ultimately assessing the safety of your products. First-class quality products, detailed and created by wiisenschaftlichen principles, as well as meticulously guided documents such as specifications, safety data sheets and Analysezertifkate, a qualified and trusted organization with excellent market and product knowledge, a high level of innovation and a keen sense of dynamic consumer needs set us apart. You can only benefit. Case of framework agreements and "Just in Time" deliver individually tailored to your needs delivery units and containers.

The SanaBio GmbH is also a partner households, because we are not only specialists in the production of biological finished products using mostly regional or national ingredients, but also specialists for sustainable, holistic and socially responsible business practices. So we source our ingredients where feasible, from Saxony-Anhalt or from Germany, which will strengthen the local economy, create jobs and secure, and reduce the environmental impact due to short paths. Detailed information about our finished products found on our website.

We are member of Händlerbund e.V.