We are all just guests in this world, because our lifetimes are limited. This realization requires behavior that is typical for guests and is characterized by:

  • consistent environmental protection,
  • consistent sustainability in the use of resources,
  • a consistently social attitude as well as
  • absolute tolerance and deep understanding for one another.

We “borrow” from nature what we need for life. We share the “borrowed” with the other guests and lead the waste back into the natural cycle.

Even in day-to-day business, we never lose sight of the “big picture”. As an important actor in the value chain and as part of the overall economic structure in many countries, we conscientiously fulfill our duty in good faith, because doing business means eliminating scarcity.

We practice tolerance in pursuing our goals and only use fair and legal means for this.

We respect the laws of every country and welcome the cultural, physical, and psychological peculiarities of every person.

We want to achieve a close international cooperation with entrepreneurs around the world in order to solve international problems of an economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian nature and to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms for everyone, regardless of race, gender, language or religion promote and consolidate.

We are hardworking, reliable, trustworthy, and have a high reputation. Our behavior is impeccable. We solve problems quickly and sustainably. We stand for sustainable business, environmental protection, healthy growth, democracy, freedom, justice, and equality.