How do we envision the future of SanaBio? We are becoming a global company with branches in all countries. We will set new standards for sustainable business, energy management, and social responsibility. We see ourselves as the rational link between agricultural production and producers, traders, and consumers. In the future, SanaBio will not only be a supplier to industry and trade, but also a manufacturer of finished products and (sales) specialists for vegetable raw and auxiliary materials, as well as for finished products from certified organic cultivation. We maintain quality leadership in all of our endeavors.




As an important part of the value chain, we understand our mission as follows: “Our products in every home; worldwide!”


The primary goal of our endeavors is the satisfaction of all of our stakeholders (stakeholder approach), because this is the only way we can secure a sustainable, appropriate return on our capital and thus the existence of our company.

The term “stakeholder” refers to all economic groups involved or interested in a company, such as customers, investors, government, employees, or suppliers. The stakeholder approach is a concept according to which the company management has to take not only the interests of the shareholders into account , but all stakeholder groups without whose support the company would not be able to survive. The management approach described is thus far more complex than the classic approaches, because every major business project must be examined for its stakeholder effect before it is implemented. In the end, there must always be an overall economic benefit.