Shipping Charges | Sample shipments no longer free of charge from June 1st, 2022

As you will have noticed in your professional and private life: the prices of the mail order companies have increased enormously. Due to the sharp rise in raw material prices for diesel, petrol and other energy sources, as well as the lack of personnel as a result of the corona pandemic and most recently the Ukraine war, forwarding companies require e.g., so-called safety, mobility and/or diesel surcharges in addition to their basic price.

We are 100% transparent:

In order to be able to work economically, we pass these additional costs on to you 1:1 for forwarding deliveries. We do not charge our own shipping surcharges and do not earn money from shipping our goods.

Of course, we will carry out a cheaper check for you both with regard to the choice between forwarding and parcel service provider and between the forwarding offers.

We also have to adapt our delivery conditions when sending samples. So far, we have borne the enormously increased prices for sending samples ourselves. In total, however, they unfortunately force us to charge you for the shipping costs from June 1st, 2022.

Of course, we only pass on the prices of our shipping partners to you without our own fees/ surcharges.

We hope for your understanding.

Changed maximum quantities per package

In the past, when shipping via parcel service providers, our goods have repeatedly been damaged in transit, despite extensive precautionary measures – especially with the heavier packages.

In order to prevent transport damage, our goods are shipped according to the following scheme.

This can lead to an increase in the number of packages and thus an increase in shipping costs.