To be honest – our French is on vacation or never made it out of school. Mais ça ne fait rien.

Le Sen is located 130 kilometers south of Bordeaux and is a French commune with 227 inhabitants in the Landes department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. We all associate Bordeaux with good wine and great food, but what is there to see in Le Sen? Le Sen is known for the region’s largest employer – Biolandes, producers of essential oils and natural extracts.

A French family business surrounded by nature, Biolandes grows and sources aromatic plants to create their extracts. Backed by 40 years of experience in distillation and extraction, they deliver high-quality, traceable and certified natural ingredients. With 13 subsidiaries including 5 farms in 7 countries, Biolandes underpins its expertise in industrial extraction with real agricultural know-how that guarantees the quality of the products.

Their mission:
“We build, process and deliver the best natural raw materials. We work closely with the key players of all delivery channels with passion and dedication. Together we learn from nature.”

That could easily have come from us, because our philosophy, our goal and our work is geared towards using as much as possible of the treasures of nature in the manufacture of our products. Our products are manufactured in a way that conserves natural resources, protects the environment and eliminates scarcity. Furthermore, we want to create sustainable added value for customers, suppliers, employees, the state and shareholders.

And because we are so similar in our attitude, Wolfgang and Simona Schiller, Managing Directors of SanaBio GmbH, are guests at Biolandes. Together with Monsieur Philippe Coutière, the General Manager of the Biolandes Group, they are holding strategic talks for the future. We will tell you very soon what the talks are about. Until then, it’s just a matter of waiting and drinking wine…uh, tea.

Au revoir et à bientôt.