In addition to our make-to-stock production, we also produce directly to customer orders. Do you need a certain quality of vegetable oils, flours, proteins, or flavors in a special recipe at a certain point in time that you can rely on?

No problem for SanaBio. We are ideally positioned and achieve a very good yield from cold presses and extractions. With our many years of experience and our trained employees, we are at your side. Our in-house quality management also ensures compliance with your specifications.

Your benefits:

  • You can avoid or bridge bottlenecks in production.
  • You reduce handling costs in purchasing.
  • You compensate for a lack of production resources and experience.
  • You do not need to buy new means of production. This saves you high fixed costs due to the machine price and personnel costs.
Trust our expertise and ask for contract manufacturing at +49 (0) 3928 763970 or [email protected] .