Would you like to process exceptional ingredients in organic quality? Not sure where to procure the ingredients you want? Don’t know how to import the raw materials? Is your procurement department already overloaded?


We help you to find the right raw material suppliers for your products. On a project basis, we first clarify your needs and advise you on the selection of raw materials with regard to their suitability for the planned use and with regard to legal regulations. Then we look for suitable procurement channels. This includes the

  • Supplier search,
  • Supplier check,
  • Supplier evaluation and the
  • Presentation of the supplier to you.

At the end you make the supplier selection.


As a follow-up project, we are happy to take on sample requests, import / export processing and quality testing.

  • You save time-consuming research work.
  • You get an overview of possible sources of supply for your raw materials.
  • They free up resources in purchasing and quality management.
  • You will find a way through the import / export maze.

Trust our expertise and describe your problem to us on +49 (0) 3928 763970 or [email protected].