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As a B2B partner to these branches of industry, we supply raw and auxiliary materials for:


For (gluten-free) bakery products, sweets, desserts, salads, frying fats,


For soaps, Skin and hair care, lip care, beard care, scrubs, decorative natural cosmetics,


For aromatherapy, additives in food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetic products,



For (par-)enteral nutrition, dermatological ointments, soft gelatine capsules,


For high-quality animal feed, protein-rich feed supplements,


For wood processing, agriculture & horticulture, chemical industry,

Discover our

Organic Coffee Bean Oil

Our organic coffee bean oil is a real innovation. Instead of the usual green, it is obtained from roasted organic coffee beans and is therefore non-toxic.
Refine pralines, ice cream, cakes or other sweets and baked goods with our SanaBio coffee bean oil and take your customers on a culinary journey to the exotic home of coffee.
Due to its caffeine content, which is supposed to stimulate the blood circulation in the skin, it is predestined for use in anti-cellulite care and anti-aging care in lotions, creams and masks. You can also use our organic coffee bean oil for the production and flavoring of cosmetics for lip care.
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In your food products

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In your cosmetic products

Why SanaBio?

We produce exclusively according to HACCP guidelines.


100% Organic

Our products all stem from controlled organic cultivation in order to fully comply with our motto: Quality counts!

Certified Company

As an organic and HACCP certified company (DE-ÖKO-013) we are subject to constant controls by state-recognized certification bodies.

High quality products

We have put a lot of effort and time into selecting our suppliers to give you the highest quality you deserve. Regular controls and analyses are a matter of course for us. We are protected by an extended product liability insurance.

Reliable Partner

As a globally acting company, we strive for long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Sustainable Production

We rely on environmentally friendly and socially responsible production to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Always Fresh

In addition to the controls carried out by the certification bodies, we have set up our own quality management program to ensure that our products are fresh.