Would you like to market new cosmetic products? Cosmetic products must meet certain legal requirements (anchored in the EC Cosmetics Regulation) before they can be placed on the market. To do this, they must first go through a safety assessment. This safety assessment must be carried out by a qualified and professionally experienced person (in accordance with Cosmetics Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 Article 10, paragraph 2).

This person then creates the report necessary for the safety assessment, which must include – among others – the following information:

  • Exact product composition
  • Chemical and physical properties
  • Microbiological test results
  • Toxicological potential
  • Statements on (side) effects.
With us you can meet these safety assessment’s requirements. We carry out the analysis of your products for you and prepare the safety report for you.
Your advantages:

You get a full service in safety assessment. This means that you don’t have countless contacts between whom you have to pass on the information, but everything from a single source.

You have a complete overview of your product at the end of the safety assessment. You can then use this know-how in sales.

You meet the requirements of the EC Cosmetics Regulation for marketing your products.

You can correctly declare your products on the basis of our safety assessment.

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